Examination of breads enriched with dried basil and evaluation of the results

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Varga-Kántor Andrea
Alexa Loránd
Topa Emőke
Kovács Béla
Czipa Nikolett


Both bread and spices play an important role in our daily diet. Basil is an extremely popular spice, the beneficial effects of which have long been known. This is why the enrichment of breads with commercially available dried basil was carried out. In the case of basil, its antioxidant and element contents were determined. With respect to these parameters, results indicating outstandingly advantageous properties were obtained. During the enrichment, 6 different concentrations were used and a control sample was prepared that did not contain basil. As the amount of spice was increased, the total polyphenol content (TPC), flavonoid and macronutrient contents of the breads also increased. There was no difference between the products in terms of their crude fat content. In the case of the protein content, a minimal increase was measured with increasing spice concentration.


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Varga-Kántor, A., Alexa, L., Topa, E., Kovács, B., & Czipa, N. (2021). Examination of breads enriched with dried basil and evaluation of the results. Élelmiszervizsgálati Közlemények, 67(4), 3672–3678. https://doi.org/10.52091/EVIK-2021/4-3-ENG
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