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Editorial Board

Árpád Ambrus Dr. (emeritus professor, National Agency for Food Safety, lead advisor)

Sarolta Barna Dr. (director, National Agency for Food Safety, Directorate Of Risk Assessment)

Diána Bánáti Dr. (full professor special advisor of the rector University of Szeged Faculty of Engineering)

Ferenc Békés Dr. (external member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, retired head of Scientific Department, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Sydney, Australia, director, FBFD PTY LTD.)

Péter Biacs Dr.  (emeritus professor, Szent István University)

György Bíró Dr. (emeritus professor, Semmelweis University of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences)

Ferenc Boross Dr. (executive chairman, EOQ Hungarian National Committee)

János Csapó prof. Dr. (professor, Sapientia University Cluj-Napoca, Debrecen University)

József Farkas Dr. (†) (emeritus professor, Budapest Corvinus University, member of Hungarian Scientific Academy)

Ernő Gimes Dr. (reader in university,  Szegedi University, Faculty Of Engineering)

Zoltán Gyaraky (food expert, general manager, Áldomás Ltd.)

Zoltán Győri Dr. (professor, Debrecen University)

Péter Juhász (website administrator, WESSLING Hungary Ltd.)

Gyula Kasza Dr. (presidental advisor), NÉBIH

Béla Kovács Dr. (professor, Debrecen University)

Anna Maráz Dr. (professor, Szent István University)

Pál Molnár Dr. (president, EOQ Hungarian National Committee, professor, Szegedi University, Faculty Of Engineering)

Edit Nagy (general secretary, Hungarian Water Utility Association)

Anett Popovics Dr. (business development assistant, WESSLING Hungary Ltd, editor)

András Salgó Dr. (professor, Budapest Technical University, Ward Mária secondary grammar school)

Livia Simonné Sarkadi Prof. Dr. habil. (univ. prof., SZIU Faculty of Food Sci.)

László Sípos Dr. (reader in university, Budapest Corvinus University)

Pálné Sohár Dr. (retired head of department, National Agency for Food Safety)

András Szabó S. Dr. (professor, Budapest Corvinus University)

Anna Szalay (standardization manager, Hungarian Standards Institution (HSI))

Mária Szeitzné Szabó Dr. (deputy director, National Agency for Food Safety, Directorate Of Risk Assessment)

Tamás János Szigeti Dr.(business development manager, WESSLING Hungary Ltd, editor in chief)

Blanka Daniella Szilvássy Dr. (food safety inspector, National Food Chain Safety Office (NFCSO), Department of Food and Feed Safety)

Gábor Szunyogh (marketing manager, WESSLING Hungary Ltd, editor)

Sándor Tömösközi Dr.(reader in university , Budapest Technical University)

László Varga Dr. (professor,  Széchenyi István University, Institution Of Food Sciences)

Diana Weßling (representative family business, Wessling GmbH, Altenberge, Germany)

László Zanathy Dr. (general manager, WESSLING Hungary Ltd., director of the Journal Of Food Investigations)

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