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Traditions and renewals - Commemoration in the 100th anniversary the foundation of Department of Food Chemistry at BME

Inside-outside view on the international recognition of cereal research of the Department

Recent past, present and hoped-for future of cereal science and plant protein research

Classics in a new perspective: gluten as a special food safety and analytical challenge

Development of separation techniques for complex characterization of plant proteins and carbohydrates

”Like stars are moving in the sky” – life of an infrared photographic studio

Cell death in plant protection: improving the security of food supply by the means of molecular biology

Situation and development trends of the food industry

Terminology of plant-based meat alternatives - A survey among Hungarian food science, food technology and nutrition experts

2022/4 Review of national standardization

Examination of skin-fermented natural wines

Determination of fat-soluble vitamins A, D2, D3, E and K3 by isotope dilution and LC-MS/MS instrument assembly

Evolution of the mineral content of winter wheat in Hungary based on 30 years of measurement results

Characteristics and uses of propolis

Determination of the macroelement content of breads fortified with different spices and their contribution to the nutrient reference value

Flexitarianism – the sustainable food consumption?

2022/3 Review of national standardization

Relationships amongst phenyltio-carbamide sensitivity, body composition, coffee and tea consumption

Initial microbiological experience in small-scale fruit beer product development

Production of Single Cell Protein by the fermentation biotechnology for Animal Feeding

Application of an in vitro test system for the selection of probiotic bacterial strains

Effect of a compound bio-preservative on microbiological indicators and shelf life of fresh pork chops

News of the MTA Working Committee of Food Analysis and Classification Short summaries of the presentations of 2nd quarter of 2022 Analysis and classification of carbohydrates.

2022/2 Review of national standardization

International standardization of an LC-MS/MS based food analytical method: development of a generally accepted test procedure for Alternaria toxins

On adulteration of fruit and berry raw materials

Determination of the nutrient content of crops from different countries

Examination of the nutrient content and color characteristics of honey and pollen samples

The nutritional value of rabbit meat when using stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) in the ration of rabbits

News of the Food Analysis and Quality Working Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Science March 2022

Review of national standardization

Exploiting the beneficial properties of microalgae for food and feed use

Quality characteristics of red fruits fresh and after lyophilization

Examination of breads enriched with dried basil and evaluation of the results

Acrylamide content of commercially available capsule coffees

Minerals in Foodstuffs – Aluminium in foodstuffs

Review of national standardization

Attitudes towards health foods in terms of diet and physical activity

Consumer acceptance of food nanotechnology

Assessing packaging-related knowledge on the basis of a quantitative study

Use of unconventional plant raw material in poultry meat recipe

Review of national standardization

News from the editorial borard

Near-infrared spectroscopy: rapid and effective tool for measuring fructose content

Regulation of nutrition labeling of foods in the European Union and Hungary; A historical review from the beginning to the present day

Investigation of the shelf life of fruit yogurts as a function of the treatment of flavoring substances

Research and development of production technology for mayonnaise sauce of functional purpose

Using brewer’s spent grain as a byproduct of the brewing industry in the bakery industry

2021/1 Review of national standardization

Investigation of the antibiotic resistance of staphylococcus species isolated from foods

Chronic aflatoxin M1 exposure of Hungarian consumers

The effect of lactation number and lactation stage on milk yield, on the composition and on the microbiological properties of raw cow milk in a Hungarian dairy farm

Characterization of Serratia species and qualitative detection of Serratia marcescens in raw and pasteurized milk by an analytical method based on polymerase chain reaction

Comparison of the mechanical fatigue indices of Golden Delicious apples and Packham pears

Review of national standardization

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