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Information on scientific papers published in Food Testing Notices

The Editorial Board of our journal is constantly waiting for manuscripts related to the topics of different disciplines.

Please send the papers to the email address tamas.islander@gmail.com.

The most important topics that can be published in the newspaper are summarized below:

The Editorial Board respectfully requests authors of scientific articles to keep in mind the requirements listed below:

In the case of an article: where the bold number is the volume and the number in parentheses is the issue number!

[1] Anderson O.D., Békés F. (2011): Incorporation of High-molecular-weight Glutenin Subunits Into Doughs Using 2 gram Mixograph and Extensigraph. Journal of Cereal Science 54 (1) pp. 288-295.

In case of a textbook:

[2] Drèze J, Sen A. (1989): Hunger and Public Action. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

In case of standard:

[3] Hungarian Standards Body (MSzT) (1984): Examination of the homogeneity of dairy raw materials and dairy products. Hungarian Standard MSZ 12047-1984. Hungarian Standards Body, Budapest.

In case of doctoral dissertations:

[4] Nagy D. (2012): Genetic testing of adult-type hypolactasia in present-day and ancient samples. PhD Dissertation. University of Szeged, Szeged, Hungary.

For other documentation:

[5] Hungarian Dairy Experimental Institute (MTKI) (1993): Production method of low fat butter creams. Technology and Technical Documentation. MTKI, Mosonmagyaróvár.

For an Internet link: where the first year indicates the year of publication on the net. and the date of access is in the order of day-month-year!

[6] Central Statistical Office (2017): 4.1.18. Cultivation and use of major fruits (2014–). http://www.ksh.hu/docs/eng/xstadat/xstadat_eves/i_omn006a.htmlAccess / Acquired: 02. 12. 2018.

An outline of the practice of reviewing scientific manuscripts received by the Editorial Board is presented in the flowchart below:


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