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Traditions and novations – Commemoration in the 100th anniversary the foundation of Department of Food Chemistry at BME

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Dear Readers,

I am writing these lines during advent of 2022, when the christian world is waiting for the celebration of our Savior’s birth, including those nations who have been at war with each other for almost a year, even though we were given a signpost at the beginning of time:

“I give it to you, go and take care of this garden.” And now war, anxiety, and fear are sweeping through the soul. Could it be that the Saviour has taken incarnation for us in vain? It’s Advent, and we wait for peace, but fighting rages on in Europe Love is in hiding, yet I do believe the eye of the Lord is upon us. Let’s believe in truth, in each other, in good, let’s believe in beauty, So that peace, love, and the song of love will once again blow in the wind And the gloomy clouds, the dark forces will be gone forever at a new sunrise.1

In our December number, we issue manuscripts of the papers presented at the jubilee scientific conference of the Department of Food Chemistry of the 240-year-old Budapest University of Technology and Economics, founded 100 years ago (https://www.bme.hu/node/8979). For the organization and management of the conference, the compilation of this collection of articles, and for keeping contact with the authors and the publisher, special thanks are due to Sándor Tömösközi, professor, who spared no effort in harmonizing the work of the university and external collaborators. On behalf of our editorial staff, we congratulate him and thank him for his sacrificial work!

In the columns of the journal, András Salgó remembers the most prominent professors of the University's food science education and research. Cereal chemistry research in the field of food chemistry was summarised by Ferenc Békés. Sándor Tömösközi and his colleagues give a taste of the research in cereal chemistry, food analysis and food safety carried out in their Department and Research Group. Zsuzsanna Bugyi and colleagues will present their achievements in the field of gluten analysis. Eszter Schall, with the contribution of several of her colleagues, will report on her studies using separation techniques for cereal proteins and carbohydrates. Szilveszter Gergely will present some of the analytical applications of near-infrared spectroscopy techniques at the Department. Péter Hajdinák and András Szarka describe the molecular biological aspects of plant cell death caused by the rapid death of plant cells attacked by pathogens in the field of plant protection, thus inhibiting the reproduction of pathogens. Olga Beáta Felkai and Adrienn Kuti Beatrix will present the past, present and development trends of the domestic food industry.

The ninth article in our December issue comes from the University of Szeged. Diána Bánáti and Ernő Gyimes investigated the social perception of a dish made from vegetable ingredients, reminiscent of a hamburger, in relation to the names given to the product.

Congratulations on the anniversary of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. I wish our readers a merciful Advent and Christmas, a happy New Year and beneficial reading. We continue to welcome constructive comments from our readers.

Dr. Tamás János Szigeti

1 Szigeti Tamás: Advent Hope

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