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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dear Readers, 


„I will not be wandering about, Trampling goosefoot in the bushes any more.1 ” But the editorial board of the Journal of Food Investigations will “wander” from its Fóti út home this fall: by the time the fall issue reaches your hand, our editorial board, together with the Hungarian WESSLING corporate group will be working in our new headquarters at Anonymus street 6, in the 4th district of Budapest. The recent history of our journal is full of changes: four years ago it had a brand new look, and this year its publisher moves to a new location. And changes are still not over. In the summer of 2017, a long standing dream of our editorial office has finally been fulfilled. An agreement was reached with the head of Arcanum Adatbázis Kft. and the managing director of WESSLING Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. about converting the entire content of ÉVIK into electronic form. Following the agreement, digital processing of ÉVIK from the first issue, published in 1955 with Dr. József Kottász as editor, up to the latest issue was completed in August. This means that the entire material is expected to be published in a dual layer pdf format on the www.eviko.hu website before the end of the year, with free access. In the digitized material, consisting of approximately 20,000 pages, you will soon be able to read the papers of the most outstanding researchers of domestic and international food chemistry and analysis. In addition to Arcanum Kft., headed by Sándor Biszak, the director of NÉBIH’s library, Katalin Tóthné Csáky, EPA librarian of the National Széchenyi Library, József Uri-Kovács, and the staff of the IT department of the Hungarian subsidiary of the WESSLING corporate group participated in the work. Thanks to all of them! Compilation of an author catalog from the digitized material of the journal is the next step, which means that, within the foreseeable future, you will be able to search for all of the authors of ÉVIK and their papers on the website of the journal. With the help of the NÉBIH library, our editorial staff is in constant contact with the experts operating the SCOPUS website of Elsevier publishing. As a result, the entire material of the 1st and 2nd issue of 2017 of ÉVIK has been added to the SCOPUS database. Another good news is that on the SCIMAGO website, ÉVIK has been added to the Q4 category: http://www.scimagojr.com/journalrank. php?category=1106&page=5&total_size=273 Finally, a few words on the content of the fall issue. The paper of Attila Gere et al. on eye-tracking analysis was selected as the lead material. Petra Mikulka et al. write about the assessment of the antimicrobial effects of black cumin oil. The fourth and final part of the material on high school food chemistry education by András S. Szabó et al. is presented. The topic of the article of Szilvia Várallyai et al. is the potential absorption of arsenic by peas from arseniccontaminated soils. Péter Korzenszky et al. discuss the energetics and food safety aspects of the heat treatment of milks in their manuscript. I hope that all our readers had a great summer, and had an opportunity to enjoy the brilliant sunshine, and the occasional capriciousness of the weather. After the summer holidays, I wish you a successful work and a good reading.


Tamás Szigeti




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