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Monday, March 21, 2016

Dear Readers,


February is the most exciting month to me probably because It is followed by the harbinger of spring, the vibrant March, my favorite month. It is a wonderful month of resurrection hidden in nature, of the life force about to erupt. As is my wont, let me quote another piece from the store of Hungarian literary gems, fit for the mood of March: ...The melting Fire is sent by the ash And its flame-desire not to be discouraged: It is March and Life is boundless.1

A few changes in the interior image of our scientific journal will be introduced, starting from the first issue of volume 62. Taking into account the opinion of our readers, the layout of the English versions of the manuscripts has been modified. Starting with our March 31 issue, the Hungarian text of our articles will be edited into a single block together with the drawings,  pictures, charts and tables belonging to the material, naturally with bilingual captions. When typesetting decimal fractions found in the tables, according to the rules of English grammar, decimal points will be used. English translations of the papers will be presented following the Hungarian text, also in a single block.

Sometimes, manuscripts that contain tables and list that are much longer than usual will also be published in our journal. Such materials will be published as Excel tables or PDF lists on the website of our magazine (www.eviko.hu) under the menu Downloadable documents in the main menu. These annexes will be available also to Readers with no subscriptions, and there no user login or password will be required to download them.

Another menu item will be added to the top menu bar of the www.eviko.hu website, starting from March 31. Under the menu Our authors found in the gray bar, the names of all of our authors will be published in alphabetical order, in a searchable format. By clicking on the name of an author in the drop-down window, you will be able to read the titles of the their papers and the release details. Names of the co-authors collaborating with the lead author will also be available in the author list. So far, the scientific material of the first nine issues of the magazine, renewed two years ago, has been processed, but our plan is to publish the data for every author of each article that appeared in print to date. To view author data, no subscription is required yet either.

There are two reviews in our spring issue. Excerpts from the history of food safety have been compiled by Mária Szeitzné Szabó. Covering a period of several thousands of years, many interesting stories are related in her paper, from the legend about the serpent of Asclepius up to the melamine scandal of recent times. A narrative of the history of Hungarian pesticide residue analysis is told by Árpád Ambrus and Adrienn Vásárhelyi. Values of the precise work of the Hungarian pesticide residue analytical laboratory network are particularly emphasized in their paper. A manuscript about edible film coatings of pre-cooked poultry meat products, designed on the basis of domestic experiments, was submitted by Anna Kurucz and Ernő Gyimes. With the use of the casings developed, artificial packaging materials currently used can be substituted. Another work related to the meat industry is published by Attila Tanai and his coworkers. Experiments aimed at increasing the omega-3 fatty acid content of different meat products and the analysis of functional compounds that can be measured in the products are reported in their paper. Another manuscript discussing the possibilities of teaching food chemistry is published in this issue by András S. Szabó, a practicing college and high school teacher, describing ten easy-to-perform demonstration experiments.


Wishing to our dear Readers good reading and a blessed Easter for the upcoming spring holidays:


Dr. Tamás János Szigeti

Editor in chief


1Endre Ady: The March of fire

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