Welcome 2014/4

Thursday, October 8, 2015


Dear Readers,


It was not quite a year ago that we set out to rejuvenate our journal, full of energy, hope and a willingness to work. It is with a heavy heart that I launch the fourth, year-end issue of Volume 60 of the renewed Journal of Food Investigations, while at the time of Advent, full of grace, we are one fewer. The eternal, honorary chairman of our editorial board, academician Prof. Dr. József Farkas is no longer with us. He is remembered on the pages of our year-end issue. He who burnt the candle of his life on the altar of food science, microbiology, collegiality, friendship and love with great perseverance and true faith. His enthusiasm, support and humble smile will be missed. We thank him for everything, his work, his life! May the merciful God embrace his soul in eternity! Those of us who remained down here, will cherish his memory and his intellectual legacy.



Our professional content starts with the artice of Professor József Farkas. Together with his co-author, Csilla Farkas, they discuss the practical art of predictive microbiology. His paper fits well into the line of review papers published in our previous issues.

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