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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dear Readers,

The Journal of Food Investigations is celebrating its 60th birthday this year and editing tasks have been assumed by WESSLING Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. In your hands is the first issue of 2014, already the result of the new publisher. However, we do not deserve all the credit, because it would have been a very difficult task without the help of our predecessors, Pál Molnár editor in chief, the chairman of the EOQ MNB and the editorial board. We wish to rely on their wise, professional advice in the future, which is shown by the fact that the editorial board was barely changed, rather it was expanded by the addition of recognized professionals who will be able to involve research institutes and universities even more both from Budapest and the country in the work of this scientific forum of domestic and international food analysis.


Our goal, in fact, is to have the journal reach as wide an audience as possible: in addition to members of the Hungarian scientific life, also representatives of the agricultural, food industrial and food distribution sector, as well as authority and private laboratories, among others, and we would like to be present in the international professional arena!


The WESSLING corporate group has been performing independent laboratory analyses in Hungary for more than twenty years, we have a highly trained staff, who have been developing more and more state-ofthe- art analytical methods continuously at WESSLING Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft., publisher of this journal. Research and education activities are also performed by them. For example, in our laboratory, operated together with ELTE, dozens of young researchers obtained their Ph.D. degrees and participated in research having high scientific significance. Our motto is „Quality of life” – and it is the essencec of our goals. We firmly believe that environmental, food safety and pharmaceutical analyses performed by our laboratories contribute strongly to a healthier, safer, and in one word, better life.


We are very committed, both scientifically and philosophically, to follow in the footsteps of our predecessors and produce an excellent, high quality, scientific and easy-to-read journal in the future!


What are the changes in ÉVIK? The journal is now colored, size A4, and all the valuable scientific contributions are now available full length in English. The articles can be searched and digitally downloaded from our website, so the new content, as well as archive material, are available to the international scientific community and the market. Mobility among scientific disciplines is of utmost importance to us. In addition to keeping with scientific traditions, easily readable, useful articles are also published in the journal: important topics are in the focus, as well as interpretation of the law, and events of the international and domestic profession. Of course, the main topic of the journal remains food analysis.


The featured article of the first issue is about migration tests of packaging materials, including a discussion of their regulatory and legal backgrounds. There are articles about product development by modification of fatty acid composition, changes in the color of linden honey as a result of thermal treatment, health risks related to aflatoxin, communication among bacteria, the change in mineral and protein content of wheat flour due to fertilization, and changes in the nutritional values of cucumber during ripening.


First of all, I invite you to read the interesting and instructive summary of the last sixty years of ÉVIK written by our previous editor in chief, Pál Molnár. I wish you a good read in the hope of another successful sixty years!

László Zanathy

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