Information related to the scientific articles to be issued in the Journal of Food Investigations


The Edition Board of our journal keep waiting several scientific articles from different disciplines ( The main topics, which we are waiting to issue in our paper, are the next:


Chemical food and feed analysis (ingredients, macro-, mezo- and micro components, harmful pollutants, processing by-products etc.);
General food and feed chemistry related to several food and feed processing technologies;
Food and feed toxicology;
Relation between the agro technology and the food chain safety;
Microbiological food and feed analysis (pathogens, spoilage bacteria, general food/feed microbiology, microorganisms of several processing technologies etc.);
Rapid food and feed test methods (“classical” and instrumental technologies);
Molecular biological food and feed analysis (GMOs, GMO analysis etc.)
Effects of genetically modified organisms on the entire food chain and the environment;
Sensorial food and feed analysis;
Investigation of non-food products (mainly several disinfectants, production aids);
Investigation of food contact materials (migration tests, residual investigations, etc.);
Legislation topics, regulation of the whole food chain on the territory of food and feed processing, retailing, distribution (European, Hungarian, other countries);
Standardisation news and comments on the topics of whole food chain;
Other topics, results of investigations etc. (the Editorial Board keeps the right to measure the manuscripts arriving to the Editorial Office according to the principles of the journal);

The Editorial Board kindly asks the authors to keep the next easy measures preparing their scientific manuscripts:


Provide full, detailed contact information (author’s name, scientific degree, profession, phone, e-mail and postal address, name of workplace, position at the workplace and other significant like data) of all authors to help the keeping of the contact during the edition, translation, and other processes;
Provide in separated files the text and figures (different pictures and Ecxel diagrams and tables) to support the edition of the layout of the final article in the journal;
Use good quality photos (>1MB);
Use bilingual texting (Hungarian and English), if you hope to edit the entire picture file (it is better to make pictures without text and to provide them separated in the text file);
Use [1], [2], [3],…, [N], numeric symbols with bold letters to sign the scientific citations inside the text of the article.
Use the next syntax in the reference list of citation (an example):
[1] Anderson, O.D., Békés, F. (2011): Incorporation of High-molecular-weight Glutenin Subunits Into Doughs Using 2 gram Mixograph and Extensigraph. J. Cereal Sci. 54. p. 288-295

The scheme of assessment procedure of scientific manuscripts arriving to the Editorial Office, are shown in the flowchart below:

Please click on the picture to magnify!