Application of the SPME technique for determinate the quality indicators of dairy products

Author: Rita Székelyhidi, Erika Hanczné Dr. Lakatos, Dr. Zsolt Ajtony


Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) is a relatively new extraction technique that combines taking samples from a mixture with a simpler desorption of the components to be analyzed of the unenriched sample in its original state in the analytical instrument. Based on a large number of publications in the literature, the authors describe the possibilities of using the SPME technique in the case of dairy products. The main groups of components that can be detected by the SPME sampling procedure, such as fatty acids, aldehydes and ketones, esters, alcohols, sulfur-containing organic compounds, furans, phenols and terpenoids are presented, through examples in the literature. Due to the limited scope of the manuscript, the authors report only on the possibilities of sample preparation using the SPME technique. Instrumental analytical methods following solid state microextraction, mainly using gas or liquid chromatography, are not described. Details of instrumental analyses are available in the cited literature sources.



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