Functional bread, or the effects of garlic and its products on certain parameters of bread

Author: Andrea Kántor, László Ádám Fischinger, Loránd Alexa, Emőke Papp-Topa, Béla Kovács, Nikolett Czipa


Nowadays, bread is consumed almost every day. Since the beneficial effects of garlic are well-known, we thought that by baking it into bread, a delicious product with physiological benefits could be created. For the experiment, garlic, garlic paste and granulated garlic were used in different concentrations, which were selected on the basis of preliminary studies. For the finished products, it was examined to what extent the enrichments changed the amount of antioxidants and macronutrients in the finished products compared to our control bread. Results were also analyzed using a statistical program, based on which it was found that there were verifiable differences between the experimental loaves in the parameters examined. There was a clear increase in the total polyphenol content, however, varied results were obtained in the case of element content.


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