Preparation of selenium enriched smearcase cheese and whey cheese

Author: Réka Juhászné Tóth, János Csapó


Selenium is a trace element essential for the body. Since Hungary is considered to be deficient in selenium and the utilization of selenium in the body is low, it is absolutely necessary to supplement it. One of the easiest ways for consumers to do so is to ingest it with basic foods. In the course of our research it was investigated whether it is possible to produce high selenium content smearcase (lump) cheese and whey cheese through the feeding of cattle. During this, when supplementing the feed of cattle with 1-2 mg Se/day of yeast daily, the selenium content of milk increased from 18 μg/kg to 31 μg/kg as a result of a supplementation of 1 mg, and to 53 μg/kg as a result of supplementation of 2 mg. The selenium content of smearcase cheese produced from the latter was measured to be 138.1 (66.0) μg/kg, while that of whey cheese was 167.2 (80.8) μg/kg. Control values are shown in parentheses. It was found that the smearcase cheese cheese and whey cheese produced from the milk obtained as a result of a selenium supplementation of 2 mg nearly two and a half, three times more selenium than those produced from milk without selenium supplementation.



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