Development of a low-fat lactosefree dairy spread containing viable lactic acid bacteria – Part 2: Texture analysis and sensory evaluation

Author: Gábor Kátay, László Varga


The objective of our work was to compare the main texture characteristics of the low-fat (30%), lactose-free dairy spread developed by us, containing viable lactic acid bacteria, and those of commercially available dairy spreads by an objective, reproducible, instrumental test, and then to assess the expected market reaction to our new product. The results of the rheological tests have shown that, in terms of its texture, our lactose-free dairy spread is similar to currently commercially available similar dairy products of adequate quality. Compared to 25 to 39% fat products, it is neither softer, nor stickier, its spreadability is close to that of usual dairy spreads. The judges (250 people) found the flavor and texture of the developed product significantly better (P<0.05) than those of one of the traditional dairy spreads that has been available in stores for a long time. However, in terms of spreadability, the latter dairy product was found to be superior (P<0.05). It was found that our new product could be received well when placed on the market, however, it should be emphasized during its introduction that, in addition to the ideal texture characteristics and nutritional physiology properties of the well-known and popular dairy spreads, it also has added functional benefits since it is lactose-free and contains viable lactic acid bacteria.



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