Possibilities for the analysis of fruit and vegetable consumption based on a transtheoretical dynamic COM-B model

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Authors: László Sipos, Ákos Nyitrai, Mohamed Ali Ketata, Arnold Tóth



The objective of the transtheoretical dynamic COM-B (Capability, Opportunity, Motivation - Behavior) model is to understand why people take risks when it comes to their health and why they do not follow the instructions to protect their health. The model has been developed as the central part of a larger behavioral system called the Behavior Change Wheel (BCW), the goal of which is to assist the designers of a given intervention with factual data during the process leading from the behavioral analysis of the problem to the planning of the intervention. The COM-B model has been successfully applied in many cases. When increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables, an essential condition for behavior change is that people have the ability, opportunity and motivation to change. The behavior was measured by the annual per capita spending on vegetables, potatoes and fruits, based on HKF (Household Budget Surveys), the latter being published in the STADAT issued by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office. It was assumed that the capability can be approximated by the expenditure on “Higher education“, the opportunity by the expenditure on “Gardens, plants and flowers, and motivation by the expenditure on “Sport, camping goods“, “Indoor sports equipment” and “Sports equipment, camping equipment“. A correlation was demonstrated between the expenditure on fruits, vegetables and potatoes and the expenditure on flowers, gardening and sports, however, there was no correlation in the case of money spent on higher education.


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