Mineral content of foodstuffs – Palladium in food

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Author: András S. Szabó


Palladium is one of the platinum group metals, a microelement. Within the platinum group metals, it belongs to the group of light platinum metals. It is not an essential element and not stimulative either. It is present in the food chain at very low, µg/kg concentrations, therefore, even though it forms some decidedly toxic compounds, its toxic effect has no practical importance from an agricultural production, environmental protection or human nutrition point of view. The discussion of palladium-related knowledge was undertaken to complete a series of communications that started years ago.


The topic of minerals was discussed in a series of 48 articles between 2005 and 2009 in the former scientific journal Food Industry until it was discontinued. In this series of papers, the food chemical characteristics of macroelements, essential microelements, stimulative elements, and a group of toxic elements were described. However, a discussion of the entire periodic table, with the exception of the 4 biogenic elements and the 6 noble gases which are not mineral elements, was not carried out, of course. An opportunity was recently offered by the editors of the Journal of Food Investigation to compile articles about the remaining elements, and to make the collection describing the minerals in foods complete. Thus, in connection with the previous series of articles, the characterization of microelements that are considered toxic or mildly toxic is continued in this new series. The present paper provides brief information on the topic related to palladium (Pd), a microelement of the platinum group metals.


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