Food safety knowledge and awareness of primary school children

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Authors: Annamária Dorkó, Ágnes Balogh-Berecz, Barbara Szabó-Bódi, Gyula Kasza


1.     Summary

The National Food Chain Safety Office (NÉBIH) is working to ensure the highest possible level of food safety from farm to table. As an integral part of this, particular attention is paid to minimizing risks that result from the potential lack of knowledge or from the misconceptions of consumers by its awareness-raising programs, and emphasis is put on this even in the case of young children who are most receptive to these ideas. In our paper, the results of the survey intended to form the basis of this activity and investigating the knowledge level and awareness of the children are presented. Our research experience indicates that the sometimes incomplete food safety knowledge of children and, in addition, the fact that risks are perceived to be less than actual levels in certain cases justify the coordinated work of teachers and authority experts to instill the necessary knowledge in children already in primary schools.

2.    Introduction

Research results demonstrate that the average consumer thinks that he or she is less responsible for the safety of the foods consumed by them than the other stakeholders of the food chain or the authority responsible for food chain supervision [1], [2]. According to the 2016 report of EFSA (the European Food Safety Authority) on food-borne diseases, based on feedback from 27 EU member states, nearly 70% of the cases caused by the most commonly registered bacterial pathogen, Salmonella, can be traced back to households. This frequency exceeds the number of cases originating from the catering industry [3].


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