Effect of fertilization on the fat content and fatty acid profile of sorghum flour samples

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Authors: Szintia Jevcsák, Attila Bíró, Judit Remenyik, Gábor Lehocki,  Eszter Murányi, János Jóvér, Gerda Diósi, Péter Sipos


1. Summary

In our experiments, changes in the fat content and fatty acid composition in the flour of sorghum cultivated in growing areas treated with different nitrogen fertilizer doses were studied by the gas chromatographic analysis of the fatty acid methyl esters. The fat content exhibited a slight increase as a result of increasing fertilizer treatment, there were significant differences between the individual treatments. The fatty acid composition showed different results, depending on the treatments. We found that treatments had a positive effect on the fat content of the samples, however, increasing nitrogen dosages did not result in an outstanding increase in the case of any of the fatty acids. The ratio of fatty acids to each other did not change significantly as a function of the nitrogen dose. The average amount of unsaturated fatty acids was 83%, and the amount of saturated fatty acids was 17%. The fat content of sorghum is low (1.1-1.5%), but it can still be considered to be a good source of essential fatty acids. The average amount of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids in the samples analyzed by us was 50%, which also increases the nutrition physiology effect of sorghum.


2. Introduction

The fats found in sorghum play an important role both in terms of the nutrient content and the flavor, shelf life and usability of the foods made from it [1]. The fat content of sorghum flour is 3.17% [2], which is 3.32% on a dry matter basis, containing mostly unsaturated fatty acids [3], [4]. The fat content for the whole grain is 1-4 g/100 g [5], while its values on a dry matter basis, according to different literature sources are 3.2 g/100 g [6], 3.8 g/100 g [7], 2.1 – 6.6 g/100 g [8] and 5.0% - 8.2% [9].


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