Nutritional analysis of coffee dregs for utilization purposes

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Authors: Zsóka Kárpáti, Eszter Luca Benes, Marietta Fodor


1. Summary

Coffee dregs are a byproduct left behind in significant amounts after brewing coffee. Several researches have dealt with its utilization possibilities and have proven, in certain cases, its positive effect. In our study, the applicability of coffee dregs as a soil improver was investigated. The pH, dry matter and water-soluble total salt content of coffee dregs, produced as the byproduct of coffee beverages prepared by the espresso  ethod were determined. The mineral content of the samples was measured using the ICP-OES technique. The FT-NIR spectra of the samples were recorded and pattern recognition was carried out according to growing site and preparation method (French Press and Espresso) by the chemometric evaluation of the spectral data.


2. Literature overview

Coffee has become an increasingly popular luxury good: according to the annual statistics of the International Coffee Organization, on average, around 9,000 tons of green coffee per has been grown annually in recent years worldwide. Due to the continuous increase in the amount of coffee consumed, increasing amounts of the byproduct of brewing coffee, of coffee dregs are produced. According to data from the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (KSH), the annual per capital consumption of coffee in Hungary is 2.2 kg on average, and the weight of the coffee dregs produced is even greater because of the water bound to the particles. The dregs are usually treated as municipal waste. Many possibilities have risen regarding the use of the large amounts of coffee dregs produced, utilizing its physico-chemical characteristics (small particle size, large specific surface area, nutritional values, etc.) during drainage cleaning, scrubbing, deodorization or soil improvement.


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