Hungalimentaria 2017 conference and exhibition

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Authors: Gábor Szunyogh, Réka Zanathy, Nikoletta Hollinger, Tamás János Szigeti


Hungary’s most important food safety conference and exhibition took place with more than 300 participants, 33 exhibitors and 60 presentations. The focus of the conference titled Hungalimentaria, organized by the National Food Chain Safety Office (NÉBIH) and WESSLING Hungary Kft., an operator of independent laboratories, was on packaging materials this time but, in addition to authority considerations, laboratory analyses and legal regulation, the most important food analytical issues of our age were also covered at the conference, from microplastics, through dietary supplements and pesticides, to organic foods. Several new studies, analyses and methods were presented, and these are reported in detail by the scientific media partner of the event, the Journal of Food Investigations in the compilation below.

The biennial scientific event for food analytical and food control organizations, producers and distributors titled Hungalimentaria Conference and Exhibition was organized again in 2017 by NÉBIH and WESSLING Hungary Kft.
The motto of the event, held for the 11th time on April 26th and 27th was „Foods and their packaging materials on the table”. Packaging materials play a key role in food safety: in addition to keeping food together, they protect it from the effects of the environment (and vica versa), they make it keepable and safe, and they also carry important messages and information.

In the sections of the two-day conference current topics were discussed, including microplastics, not only accumulating in the seas, but also appearing now in foods; pesticide exposure of consumers, the testing of dietary supplements, the secrets of doping control, the authentication of organic products, soil-friendly procedures to prevent starvation, as well as the extent of food waste.

The main goal of Hungalimentaria is to bring the scientific and practical aspects of analytical chemistry, microbiology and molecular biology closer to professional decision-makers utilizing analytical results, to the staff of laboratories carrying out the testing of foods and feeds, to representatives of the food industry, and to all interested parties.

Organizers would like to point out that we are all consumers of the agricultural, industrial or service sectors. Recognition of the health and economic risks carried by our foods, the determination of the extent of these risks, and their publication and elimination are in the interest of the entire society. 


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