Teaching of natural sciences in schools with the help of food investigation experiments

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Authors: Eszter Imola Tisza-Kósa, András S. Szabó, Gergely Levente Szabó, Margit Izsák, János Bozi


1.     Summary

Experiments are of primary importance in the teaching of scienctific knowledge. In our experience, it is a welcome sight for students if the subjects of the experiments are substances well known to them, in this case, different foodstuffs. Once again, 10 simple experiments of physical, chemical and biological character are described in the following topics: color development and pH value, masking of taste recognition, reaction of egg whites with salt and lemon juice, identification of glucose and sucro­se, preparation of effervescent powder, determination of the fat content of milk, xant­hoproteic reaction, wavelength-determination with cheese in a microwave oven, coo­king in a pressure cooker (Kukta pot), detection of carotenoids.Foodstuffs used in the measurements and experiments are: carrots, cheese, citric acid, egg whites, glucose, lemon juice, milk, powdered sugar , raspberry syrup, red beet juice, red wine, sodium bicarbonate, table salt, tartaric acid.


2. Introduction

In the previous articles [1], [2], [3] information was given about the dominant role of experiments in the teaching of subjects of natural science. Hopefully, education will be more successful and effective if the teaching programs for natural science contain exper­iments as well.

Our former papers dealt with 10 experiments each, belonging to the physical, chemical or biological type. Of course, there are no sharp boundaries be­tween these fields, and presenting the connections is an important part of the modern method of education in the natural sciences. This paper provides informa­tion again about 10 simple experiments, covering the field of food investigations. The measurements can be carried out without problems in normal shool labs, suitable for physical, biological and chemical inves­tigations.


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