Eye tracking tests in the consumer perception of a food

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Authors: Eszter Kovács, Attila Gere, Dóra Székely, Zoltán Kókai, László Sipos

1. Summary

Eye tracking analyses provide an opportunity to record the eye movements of the participants, and then to evaluate the data obtained. The application of eye tracking cameras is not yet typical in the food industry in Hungary, as opposed to the practice in Western Europe, where this technology is an important and commonly used tool of product development and marketing support. To the best of our knowledge, no eye tracking analyses related to beets have been published so far in the domestic and international literature.

During the research, eye tracking analyses were carried out in the Sensory Analysis Laboratory of the Faculty of Food Science of Szent István University, using a Tobii X2-60 eye tracker and the Tobii Studio (version 3.0.5, Tobii Technology AB, Sweden) data processing software. The results draw attention to the fact that the decisions of the consumers interviewed were only slightly influenced by their knowledge of the treatment of the beets analyzed. On the other hand, extra information regarding the antioxidant content changed their decision regarding the selection. Eye tracking analysis results showed that consumer decision can be monitored much more accurately than using traditional market research methods. The reason for this is that eye movement is very hard to control consciously, and so objective information can be obtained about consumer decision mechanisms which is practically impossible to get using subjective questionnaire methods based on self-declaration or focus group testing.

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