Testing of the microbiological efficiency of disinfectants used in the food industry (2002-2013)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Disinfectants used in the food industry play an important role in preventing foodborne diseases. They can perform to thier fullest potential if they are applied in the proper concentration, at the proper temperature, for the proper contact time, as determined by preliminary studies. This paper summarizes the test results of 12 years and, in addition to the efficiency testing necessary for the licensing procedure, it also presents results of control tests of commercially available disinfectants, and provides insight into the efficiency in practice of disinfectants sampled in connection with food infection cases.


2. Introduction

Since food is an excellent source of nutrients not only to humans, but also to microbes, it is an essential requirement for foods not to become contaminated with microorganisms during the steps of their manufacture. Disinfectants used during food production are expected to possess bactericidal and fungicidal effects.

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