Potential application areas of biological control for the inhibition of pathogenic bacteria of food origin

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Author: Ágnes Belák

1. Summary

Today, food safety is already a known and well-defined concept for consumers. In order to maintain their health, they pay more and more attention to the consumption of good quality food rich in vitamins and minerals, and it is

also extremely important for them that the food consumed does not cause any health damages. Current trends have always had an effect on the dietary habits of consumers, therefore, the interest in ready-to-use foods produced with minimal processing increased significantly in recent years. However, pathogenic microorganisms causing serious illnesses are often contained in these products, and so their consumption can lead to even death, in more severe cases. Application of biological control as an alternative technology can contribute to putting safer products on the consumer’s table, containing no chemical preservatives.


2. Introduction

Consumption of foods contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms can lead to serious illnesses, even – in severe cases – to death. In addition to these health risks, food-borne pathogenic microorganisms can also cause considerable economic damages. Therefore, it is an important task to perform an in-depth analysis of the  proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and factors influencing it, in order to protect the health of consumers and to reduce economic losses. Of ecological factors influencing proliferation, the composition and size of microbial populations and the interactions of the members of the population have great significance, with respect to the growth, survival and sirulence of pathogenic bacteria.




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