Consumer research in the service of food chain safety supervision

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Author:Sarolta Barna , Gyula Kasza, Barbara Bódi



1. Summary

There have been significant changes in food chain safety supervision in the two and a half decades following the regime change. With the development of international trade, maintaining food safety became an increasingly complex procedure, however, by using targeted monitoring programs extending to the whole food chain, possible risks are more easily identified and become easier to avoid. In addition to efficient methodological and institutional developments, the significance of cooperation with consumers increased as well. It was recognized in time by Hungary that steps needed to be taken in this area, and the result of these steps was an improved food safety consciousness on the part of the population, and also a more positive opinion about authority activities and, through this, the safety of Hungarian foods. Personal interviews related to food safety were already conducted in Hungary in the early 2000s, in a non-standardized way.


The National Food Chain Safety Office launched its own investigation related to consumer risk perception and risk

avoidance behaviour related to food safety in 2012, which has been repeated since twice a year, using a standardized methodology. These data provide precise feedback for the preparation for policy decisions, facilitating greatly the effective implementation of the objectives of the Food Chain Strategy 2013-2022. A few elements of the results of this series of research are presented in the current paper.


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