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Friday, June 28, 2019

How will future foods look like?

Adequate information of consumers was highlighted by prominent stakeholders of domestic food safety at the Hungalimentaria conference and exhibition, organized for the twelfth time this year.

Food safety: growing trust, lack of knowledge

The food safety authority is increasingly trusted by the population, but the Knowledge Test of NFCSO also revealed that there is still plentyof room for further information. What has the authority done to inform the public about food safety and what is an independent laboratory doing for the same purpose?


There is no insoluble packaging material


Substances that leach from packaging materials can be dangerous to human health, and significant amounts of harmful compounds are consumed during our lifetime. Plasticizers, heavy metals, dyes: we eat all of them – this was revealed at the most important event of the printing and packaging industry.



NFCSO news:

Spelt flour mixed with wheat flour recalled by NFCSO

100% spelt flours were tested by the National Food Chain Safety Office (NFCSO) on the basis of a whistleblower’s report. The authority inspection has shown that the products contained large quantities of common wheat flour. NFCSO ordered the distributor to recall the products named spelt flour, regardless of their date of minimum durability.

Information website on product recalls launched by NFCSO

From now on, information on product recalls in the food chain can be found on a new, thematic website. In the searchable database available on the website of the National Food Chain Safety Office (NFCSO) recalls from consumers indicated by businesses, as well as incidents on RASFF can be found.


A number of faults revealed by the Supermint oatmeal test

Of the favorite breakfast products, the complex examination of 17 oatmeals was carried out this time in the Supermint program by the experts of the National Food Chain Safety Office (NFCSO). The „authority basket” included chocolate, chocolate-flavored and unflavored oatmeals. Among other things, the presence of mycotoxins and pesticides, as well as the sugar, protein and allergen contents of the products were inspected by the experts. Two oatmeals had to be eliminated already at the beginning of the test because of DON toxin contamination, an authority proceedings because of labeling errors were initiated in a total of 14 cases.







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