Domestic Panorama

Author: Gábor Szunyogh


Chlorate and perchlorate: stricter regulations Preparations containing chlorates (ClO3- ions) are widely used total (non-selective) herbicides, which were already banned in the European Union in 2011, but still much of them remain in the environment and, in addition, chlorates may form during the chlorination of waters as well, so despite the ban on the use of pesticides, the supply of chlorate residues is, so to speak, continuous.

What contaminants are expected to be present in corn? Why is it necessary to analyze them? Due to the dry summer, corn harvest began already in August. Experts of the WESSLING Knowledge Center, one of Hungary’s largest laboratories, also involved in pesticide analysis, will answer the question of why the testing of corn for pesticides and mycotoxins is important.

The sugar-fee Cake of Hungary: „Midsummer Night’s Dream” in the laboratory After „Little Chestnut”, „Dotted Annie” and „Apricot Bubble”, this year’s winner, i.e., „Midsummer Night’s Dream” also visited the Food Testing Laboratory of WESSLING Hungary Kft. There are real masterpieces, sugar-free (without added sugar) cakes behind the fabled names: the winner of the Sugar-free Cake of Hungary competition, organized by the One Drop of Attention Foundation, was tested.

Dietary Supplements: what can we trust? With the massive spread of the coronavirus, various dietary supplement products have been brought in focus. How our laboratory tests dietary supplements? Find out in the latest compilation of



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