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Author: Gábor Szunyogh


Analysing disinfectants As the corona virus started to spread, several cosmetics companies began to produce water-alcohol products. What are these solutions composed of, what guarantees their efficacy and how are they analysed?

Pesticides – what is the opinion of the professionals? Modern agriculture uses a broad range of plant protection products. In addition to the health risk they represent, regular testing of these agents is important also because their presence above limits may cause substantial losses to producers and distributors alike. Lay peo ple don’t know always which kind compounds the pesticides are, and what real risk they can cause in the food chain.

Coronavirus followed by Legionella? When reopening buildings after long-term closure during the corona virus pandemic, special attention must be paid to the safe operation and testing of the building’s potable water network, domestic hot water network and their air-handling and air-conditioning system. Stagnant water represent significant microbiological risk, especially in view of the Legionella bacterium which may even cause legionellosis, a deadly disease – the laboratory experts warn.

Dietary Supplements: what can we trust? With the massive spread of the coronavirus, various dietary supplement products have been brought in focus. How our laboratory tests dietary supplements? Find out in the latest compilation of


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