Outlook 2019/4


Xylella fastidiosa: ‘Together we can find solutions’

The whole EU territory is at risk from Xylella fastidiosa, and the more the scientific community works together on this issue, the quicker we’ll be to find solutions to tackle this pest.” That was how Claude Bragard, chair of EFSA’s Panel on Plant Health, summed up the importance of the conference on X. fastidiosa held in Corsica this week.

Food Safety News

Nebraska feedlots prepare to test new European E. coli vaccine

By Dan Flynn on October 1, 2019

Commercial development is underway for a third E. coli O157:H7 vaccine for cattle to help prevent human illnesses with a Nebraska field trial set to begin soon. 

EU votes against renewing chlorpyrifos approval

European officials have voted not to renew the approvals of chlorpyrifos and chlorpyrifosmethyl. Chlorpyrifos and chlorpyrifos-methyl are insecticides to control insect pests on a range of crops. Chlorpyrifos-methyl is also used to treat stored cereal grain.

Chance of negative food standards impact from Brexit rises

The likelihood of a negative impact on food standards from Brexit has increased, according to a report from Public Health Wales.



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