Local Panorama 2019/4

They made it from the lake to the table: the excellent Hungarian fish! 

The first comprehensive research project in Hungary, investigating the contamination level of fish ponds, inorganic and organic pollutant content of fish, the impact of processing and transportation as well as microbiological risks provided promising results.

Innovation laboratory prizes awarded in Budapest

Rubber wear testing, 3D emission measurement, vacuum based filtering system: the WESSLING group honoured the forward looking ideas of its staff members useful for customers as well for the twelfth occasion, this time in the Budapest WESSLING Knowledge Centre.

Measuring the wear and tear of rubber tyres

One coveted award went to chemist Siema Lange and chemical laboratory technician Jonas Holtgreve for their outstanding work on measuring microplastics caused by tyre abrasion. With laboratory analyses and expertise in microplastics, WESSLING is one of Europe’s leading companies in the field, but Hungary is also at the cutting edge in microplastics research.

3D printers deployed in emission measurements

André Schmitz, also a chemist, has pioneered new methods for the laboratory measurement of emissions using 3D printers, this is why he has also been among the winners of the WESSLING Innovation Award for this development. WESSLING is one of the few laboratories working in this sector. Based on the knowledge received from this innovative method, customers receive comprehensive advice and can optimise 3D printers for their business and customers.

New vacuum type filtering system for soil sampling

Another idea was honoured during the ceremony in Budapest: Francis Bourdon, Fabienne Loisel, Sabrina Slimani and Audrey Goutagnieux (on staff at the Lyon site of WESSLING France) designed a new vacuum filter system for preparing soil samples. New funnels were made by a glass manufacturer and they built the system themselves. This innovation considerably accelerates sample preparation time and facilitates work in the laboratory, where heavy equipment no longer has to be converted for cleaning. Compared to the former results, fifty additional samples can be filtered daily, and as a consequence, customers will get faster results.

Thoughtfully load your cart! – a series of laboratory articles for food safety

The intention of the Thoughtfully load your cart! Campaign is to assist consumers to buy as safe products as possible. In the series of articles posted on the website entitled Laboratorium.hu specialists working for the independent laboratory WESSLING Hungary Kft. report their experiences gained by testing millions of food samples.


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