Domestic panorama 2018/3

Friday, September 21, 2018

Author: Gábor Szunyogh


Microplastics in the river Rába

Following the river Tisza, microplastics were also found in the tributaries of the Danube: during the Tiny Plastic Puzzle project, 1.7 and 12.1 microplastic particles per cubic meter were detected by an independent laboratory in the rivers Ipoly and Rába, respectively – this was announced at an environmental conference on June 28. The report of reveals that measurements will also be carried out by the researchers on our biggest river, the Danube, in the fall.

Gábor Bordós of WESSLING Hungary Kft. said at the conference that one cubic meter of the water of the Rába contains 12.1 microplastic particles, and this can mean as much as 20.7 million particles per day. He emphasized that these particles are typically not made of the widely used materials also detected in the catchment area of the river Tisza, but of substances used for precision components and electronics products (e.g., polyoxymethylene). Microplastics in the environment cause not only damage to environmental elements, but can also pose food chain safety risks when entering the food chain.


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