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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Author: Gábor Szunyogh

Sugar-Free Cake of Hungary Announced

The cake of Margit Varga confectioner, with no added sugar, won the Sugar-Free Cake of Hun¬gary competition, announced each year by the One Drop of Attention Foundation, together with the Hungarian Confectioner Industry Board. The victory of Spotted Annie was announced at the Parliament, together with the announcement of the Cake of Hungary and the program of the Au¬gust 20 festivities. This year again, the cake was analyzed WESSLING Hungary Kft., operator of an independent food testing laboratory.
The Sugar-Free Cake of Hungary competition, open to all confectioneries and catering businesses, was announced for the sixth time by the One Drop of Attention Foundation and the Hungarian Confec¬tioner Industry Board. Confectioners could choose from a list of ingredients approved by the Hungarian Dietetic Association. The winner of the competition was Spotted Annie, created by the Zazzi Confec¬tionery of Budapest.
The cake contains no added sugar or white flour, the delightfully sour taste of fresh raspberry mousse is gently complemented by the sweetness of the plum layer.



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