Important change in the compulsory markings on food vending machines

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Author: Zsuzsa Frum

Starting from April 1, 2017, on food vending machines selling non-prepackaged products, it is also mandatory to indicate allergenic substances. This modification does not affect machines that offer prepackaged foods (e.g., chocolate, sandwiches), in this case the information is still provided to customers on the packaging of the food.


In the case of coffee, tea and other beverages sold from food vending machines, the names of the products could be read next to the buttons. In addition, if they contained sweeteners, this had to be indicated (for example, “Chocolate cappuccino with sweeteners” or “Lemon tea with sugar and sweeteners”), as well as the presence of azo dyes.


Starting from April1, 2017, the list of substances and products present in the finished product, or causing allergies or intolerance, is added to the mandatory elements. The requirement can be met by listing the allergens next to the name of the product (e.g., “contains milk”), or by a code system, the explanation of which is clearly legible in a separate table placed on the machine.

In the case of food vending machines selling non-prepackaged products, the mandatory information is as follows:


•            the name of the food,

•            in the case of products manufactured with sweeteners: the expressions „with sweetener (sweeteners)” or „with sugar (sugars) and sweetener (sweeteners)”, and the marking “… name or E number of the dye(s): may have adverse effects on the activities and attention of children”, in the case of azo dyes [Sunset Yellow FCF (E 110), Quinoline Yellow WS (E 104), Azorubine (E 122), Allura Red AC (E 129), Tartrazine (E 102), Ponceau 4R or Cochineal Red A (E 124)],

•            the list of substances that cause allergies or intolerance (e.g., „contains milk”).


Markings of prepackaged products sold from vending machines (e.g., chocolate, sandwiches) do not have to appear on the outside of the machines. Customers can read all the information directly on the product label, which should contain all required data.



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