New apple varieties introduced by NÉBIH

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Author: Zsuzsanna Frum

15 new, resistent apple varieties from domestic orchards were presented to experts and apple-lovers at the apple variety introduction of the Na­tional Food Chain Safety Office (NÉBIH) in Buda­pest. At the professional roundtable discussion opening the event, representatives of the sector shared their experience about the significance and possibilities of resistant apple varieties, and then sensory testing of the new variety candi­dates was carried out by the experts and “lay” apple-lovers.

The apple is our unique fruit, in which high nutri­tion physiological values are present together with outstanding organoleptic values. Consumption and organoleptic values of new apple varieties are checked by NÉBIH each year in sensory tests. This time, 15 resistant apple varieties, coming from the experimental stations of NÉBIH and from domestic orchards, were introduced by the authority.

Domestic apple production can rely on a very wide range of apple varieties. A significant role is played by the growing of resistant apple varieties, which is the most innovative trend in variety production in the wold right now. Their significance lies in the fact that they permit a reduced use of chemicals, they are eminently suitable for ecological and bio production, therefore, they make production of an even healthier fruit possible, while using more environmentally friendly technologies. The use of resistant apple varieties is very diverse: as a food industry raw material, baby food and fruit juice is made from them, among other things, but varieties suitable for fresh consumption are also grown.

At the Wednesday roundtable discussion, all of the stakeholders of the sector participated, breeders, propagating material producers and distributors, growers, advocacy organizations and consum­ers as well. The significance of the resistant apple sector and its possibilities were mentioned, among other things, market demand, and also the fact that the awareness of the different varieties should be increased among the population.


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