Local panorama 2016/3

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Author: Gábor Szunyogh


Conference on sugar consumption

A conference titled “Reducing sugar consumption: health policy objectives and possibilities in the light of nutrition science, food safety, technology and competitiveness” was organized by the Association of Food Manufacturers (ÉFOSZ) in Budapest on June 8, 2016.
The goal of the event was for speakers and participants to discuss, from as many aspects as possible, one of today’s most current nutrition science and public health topics, and also to obtain information about all the possibilities and constraints that determine manufacturer’s room to maneuver during product development.

The conference which was held with the participation of nearly one hundred people provided background information of adequate depth to stakeholders for the domestic implementation of the sugar reduction program advocated by the European Union.
It was also a goal of the meeting to promote the thinking together of relevant decision-makers and businesses in order to identify possibilities and challenges arising in connection with the solution of the issue, taking into account not least the current competitiveness problems of the food industry.
Presentations were given at the conference by Tamás Éder, chairman of ÉFOSZ (the National Food Processors Association), Róbert Zsigó, state secretary of FM (the Ministry of Agriculture), Krisztina Biró, department head of EMMI (the Ministry of Human Capacities), Eszter Sarkadi-Nagy, division head of OGYÉI-OÉTI (the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition), and Tamás Szigeti, director of sales and business development of WESSLING Hungary Kft and editorin- chief of the Journal of Food Investigations, among others.

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