Local panorama 2016/2

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Author: Gábor Szunyogh


Focusing on tap water

At the round table discussion about tap water, organized by the Hungarian Water Utility Association (MAVÍZ) on the occasion of World Water Day, the answer was sought to the question, among other things, why bottled water is so popular (even though it is much more expensive than tap water), and whether chlorine and arsenic are really dangerous.
Participants at the round table discussion organized by MAVÍZ included István Joó, commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, associate professor dr. Dóra Laky of the Department of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Éva Major, director of water quality and environmental protection of the Budapest Waterworks, Márta Vargha, head of the water hygiene and water safety department of the ÁNTSZ-OTH, Gábor Varga, president of the Gaja Environmental Association, Lajos Zsebők, editor-in-chief of Vízmű Panoráma (Waterworks Panorama), moderator of the discussion, and Tamás János Szigeti, director of sales and business development of WESSLING Hungary Kft., a company operating independent testing laboratories.
During the discussion, participants enumerated the advantages of drinking tap water (safer, healthier, the most environmentally friendly, cheaper, always fresh), and also its disadvantages (during travels and at filling stations often mineral water is the only choice, and there is no water on the tables in the schools during the day). 

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