Review of national standardization

Author: Anna Szalay


Review of national standardization The following Hungarian standards are commercially available at MSZT (Hungarian Standards Institution, H-1082 Budapest, Horváth Mihály tér 1., phone: +36 1 456 6893, fax: +36 1 456 6841, e-mail:, postal address: H-1450 Budapest 9., Pf. 24) or via website:

Published national standards from September 2019 to February 2020

01.040.67 Food technology (Vocabularies)
MSZ ISO 18794:2019* Coffee. Sensory analysis.
07.100.30 Food microbiology MSZ ISO 17410:2019 Microbiology of the food chain. Horizontal method for the enumeration of psychrotrophic microorganisms
13.060 Water quality
MSZ EN 16150:2012* Water quality. Guidance on pro-rata Multi-Habitat sampling of benthic macro-invertebrates from wadeable rivers
MSZ EN ISO 9697:2019 Water quality. Gross beta activity. Test method using thick source (ISO 9697:2018)
MSZ EN ISO 9698:2019 Water quality. Tritium. Test method using liquid scintillation counting (ISO 9698:2019)
MSZ EN ISO 13163:2019 Water quality. Lead-210. Test method using liquid scintillation counting (ISO 13163:2013)
MSZ EN ISO 5667-3:2018* Water quality. Sampling. Part 3: Preservation and handling of water samples (ISO 5667-3:2018)
MSZ EN ISO 5667-14:2017* Water quality. Sampling. Part 14: Guidance on quality assurance and quality control of environmental water sampling and handling (ISO 5667-14:2014)
MSZ EN ISO 5815-1:2020 Water quality. Determination of biochemical oxygen demand after n days (BODn). Part 1: Dilution and seeding method with allylthiourea addition (ISO 5815-1:2019)

67 Food technology

67.060 Cereals, pulses and derived products
MSZ EN 15587:2019* Cereal and cereal products. Determination of Besatz in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.), durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.), rye (Secale cereale L.), triticale (Triticosecale Wittmack spp.) and feed barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
67.100.10 Milk and processed milk products MSZ EN ISO 17678:2019 Milk and milk products. Determination of milk fat purity by gas chromatographic analysis of triglycerides (ISO 17678:2019)
67.140.30 Cocoa MSZ EN ISO 34101-3:2019 Sustainable and traceable cocoa. Part 3: Requirements for traceability (ISO 34101-3:2019) MSZ EN ISO 34101-4:2019 Sustainable and traceable cocoa. Part 4: Requirements for certification schemes (ISO 34101-4:2019)
67.200.20 Oilseeds MSZ EN ISO 9167:2019 Rapeseed and rapeseed meals. Determination of glucosinolates content. Method using high-performance liquid chromatography (ISO 9167:2019) MSZ EN ISO 21294:2017* Oilseeds. Manual or automatic discontinuous sampling (ISO 21294:2017) MSZ ISO 5506:2020 Soya bean products. Determination of urease activity
67.240 Sensory analysis MSZ ISO 16820:2020 Sensory analysis. Methodology. Sequential analysis


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