Assessment of conform­ity of food contact materi­als – Migration of mineral oil components into food­stuffs

Monday, October 12, 2015

Author: Dr Christophe Goldbeck


1. Summary

The author has written a general survey on the topic of mineral oil origin migrants arising from the several pa­perback packaging materials of foodstuffs, polluting the processed foods. Mainly these polluting mineral oil origin compound are the solvent component of printing inks of different newspapers, paperback covering. Amongst these materials can be find numerous type of hazard com­pound for the human metabolism, migrating into the food­stuffs and forwarded into the human gut by the consumed foods. These compounds are typed in two main groups: MOSH (Mineral Oil Saturated Hydrocarbons) and MOAH (Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbons). As the contempo­rary knowledge de MOAH group is more hazardous than MOSH. They doubt the MOAH migrants can cause risk of cancer in the human body. While in the EU there are several limitations of these chemicals in the food prod­ucts, there is a necessity to investigate them as packag­ing migrants. In this article the author describes a few of­ficial limitation data of these compounds forced by the European legislation.

These two groups mentioned above, involve vast number of different type of hydrocarbon molecules. That’s why the analysis of these compounds is very complicated. At the author’s workplace they use a hyphenation technics, involving an LC-GC-FID system to investigate the MOSH and MOAH compounds from different food samples. To achieve correct interpretation of complex chromato­grams delivered by the hyphenated system, needs very well skilled laboratory stuff, which is able to recognise the MOAH and MOSH origin peak series and they can divide the several peaks originating the other non-MOSH and non-MOAH hydrocarbons existing in the sample

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