Legal analysis for the microbiological parameters of paprika, and their practical application in Serbia

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Authors: Hajnalka Kovács Sárkány, Vilmos Kovács



1. Summary


Although both Hungary and Croatia are members of the European Union, their regulations regarding paprika differ in many respects. If we consider Serbian regulations as well, we can see that the differences are even more pronounced. EU regulations should be incorporated successfully in the procedures of Serbian paprika producing plants, if they intend to export their products to the EU. In our work, regulations of all three countries regarding paprika are analyzed, and also their practical application by Serbian paprika producing plants.


2. Introduction


Paprika is an important commodity of Hungary, whose special quality that has been recognized for centuries is due to careful treatment and favorable climatic conditions [6]. At the same time, a large amount of paprika is also imported to Hungary, the majority of which is used by the industry. Imported goods can come from EU member states and also from third countries that are not members of the EU, such as Serbia. If Serbian paprika exporters would like to sell their products on the European Union market, regulations of target markets and the expectations of the customer should be kept in mind.



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