Certain EU requirements regarding the manufacture of food contact materials

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Author: Andrea Martin


1. Summary


Based on legal requirements currently in force in the EU, regarding the manufacture of food contact materials (FCM), not only issuing a statement of compliance based on the results of migration tests of the packaging material used might be demanded by the control authority, but implementation of good manufacturing practice (GMP) at the manufacturers of the products in question might also be inspected during an on-site audit. This article is related to the topic issued in ÉVIK 2014. LX. 1.


2. Introduction


This paper is the next article of the topic discussed in an earlier issue of the Journal of Food Investigations (Vol. LX., 2014. 1.). Basic requirements regarding good manufacturing practice expected in the FCM manufacturing sector are briefly summarized below. It is outlined which aspects and requirements are recommended to be inspected during supplier audits initiated by the food manufacturer, based on legal requirements.


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