Legal questions - Launching the column: Our goal is to interpret food law!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Author: Andrea Martin


For the last 60 years, the main goal of the Journal of Food Investigatons was to broaden the knowledge of authority experts, researchers and educators, to increase their professional informedness, also targeting individual creativity. The purpose of the legal questions colunm is to arouse the interest of another target group, thus widening the circle of readers: it strives to interpret food law and ensure compliance with the law via everyday questions and problems of manufacturers and distributors.


We will willingly describe legal cases where authority statements are available on certain legal topics, and publication of authority or expert answers to readers’ questions is also planned where the opinions and statements of several professional organizations on a certain topic will be available to our readers. In our first column we invite our readers to submit their requests, case descriptions and questions for which we will try to obtain the answers from the relevant professionals and, in addition to this, we will also weigh in ourselves to facilitate more thorough understanding of the topic and to arouse further thoughts.


There are three ways to exert legal and state influence in any professional areas: traditional regulation via public administration (direct influence); via economic and market regulation (indirect method); and self-regulation (e.g. by voluntary application of standards). [2] We would like to present all three methods of regulation in our column, so I would like to emphasize that we will be happy to describe the advantages and disadvantages, and even hidden pitfalls of the use of system standards affecting operations and product standards, and will publish such articles gladly.

Please send your suggestions, questions, topic proposals and articles to the following e-mail address:

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