Food safety assessment of the mycotoxin and pesticide residue contamination of our foods, Part 1 Pesticide residues

Author: Árpád Ambrus, Júlia Szenczi-Cseh, Tamás Griff, Kata Kerekes, Gabriella Miklós, Adrien Vásárhelyi, Tamás Szigeti


In the first part of our paper, the regulation of pesticide residues in foods and feeds is presented, as well as the requirements regarding their analytical examination, and the experiences of current domestic practice are analyzed. Based on the analytical results of NÉBIH between 2014 and 2018, the pesticide residue content of the foodstuffs on the market is analyzed and the exposure of Hungarian consumers is estimated in order to facilitate the rational and regular use of pesticides by means of a scientific evaluation of the situation; recommendations are also made. Based on extensive studies and international information it can be stated that pesticide residues in our foods, including glyphosate residues, do not pose a food safety or public health risk to consumers.


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