High performance residue analysis: determination of antibacterial agents in foods using liquid chromatography screening and confirmation methods

Monday, June 18, 2018

Authors: Ádám Tölgyesi, Éva Pálffi, Tímea Horváth, Viktória Lipcsei


1.     Summary


In Hungary, food toxicology monitoring and control analyses, their course and the process of preparation of the monitoring plan for the given year are prescribed and determined by FVM decree 10/2002. (I. 23.). The efficiency of monitoring analyses is increased if the focus is placed primarily on screening methods, and independent confirmation methods are used to test objectionable samples. This allows for the distinguishing between negative samples and those containing drug residues using a simpler, faster and cheaper screening type method, and also for higher certainty in the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of positive samples.


The objective of this paper is to present an analytical concept developed for antibacterial agents, including a multicomponent screening method and independent confirmation measurements for type B1 authorized agents. The screening method allows for the simultaneous identification and semiquantitative evaluation of 54 components with drug residue limit values and griseofulvin in animal tissues (muscle, liver and kidney), milk, eggs and honey, using a liquid chromatography triple quadrupole tandem mass spectrometry method.

Target components detected by the screening method are identified using liquid chromatography confirmation tests and evaluated by optical or tandem mass spectrometric detection. Up until the submission date of this paper, nearly 1,800 samples had been analyzed by the screening method. Some type of drug residue was detected in 24 monitoring samples. The contaminations could also be detected during the confirmation tests. The analytical strategy thus developed has been proven to be effective in multiple international proficiency testing programs.


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