News of NÉBIH - Only the best: authority products on the Szupermenta blog

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Priorities of the main developments to be realized in the period 2013-2022 in the fields of food safety and food chain safety have been formulated by the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Food Chain Safety Office (NÉBIH) in the Food Chain Safety Strategy adopted in 2013. According to the new strategy, the Ministry and NÉBIH – in addition to strengthening control functions regarding safety and quality, and increasing their efficiency – intend to pay special attention to disseminating information to the public, to increasing customer awareness, to general commuication of risks and to prevention. In order to reach a wider range of people and to inform them credibly, an online product testing blog named Szupermenta (Super mint) was launched by NÉBIH in November 2014.


The Szupermenta blog rises over the plethora of more and more popular online product preference tests by offering unique professionality, since it provides authentic authority expert opinions supported by laboratory, sensory and preference testing. On the website all tools can be found that help customers to make buying decisions: in addition to results of safety and quality tests, useful background information, interesting facts and preference rankings, complemented by expert comments. All product tests of NÉBIH are also authority analyses, allowing for immediate action in case of inadequate, problematic products.

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