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Introduction of JFI (Journal of Food Investigation / Élelmiszervizsgálati Közlemények, ÉVIK)

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The Journal of Food Investigation is a 66-year quarterly scientific journal. It was founded in 1955 at the Budapest Institute of Chemistry and Food Research under the leadership of Dr. József Kottász. Quote from the Foreword to Volume 1, Issue 1: “The purpose of issuing Journal of Fod Investigation is to introduce new food chemistry test methods and to further strengthen the relationship and cooperation between our county and city council quality control institutes and to exchange experiences.”

Our scientific journal has been published continuously since 1955. Over time, with the development of food testing methods, it is publishing scientific papers from an ever-expanding range of food testing. We have been editing our publication in Hungarian and English in a renovated structure since 2014. Our peer-reviewed scientific publications are opened from 2019 (Open Access). The complete material of the journal can be freely downloaded in two-layer PDF format for scientific and educational purposes. The right to edit and publish has been ownered by WESSLING Nonprofit Kft. Since 2014 with the participation of National Food Chain Safety Office (NFCSO /NÉBIH).

From 2021, we will provide our published scientific papers with DOI identification numbers issued by the CrossRef (Digital Object Identifier Registration Agency). Our published publication was added to the databases of SCOPUS, SCIMAGO, MATARKA (it is a Hungarian catalogue of scientific articles and books). Additionally, the JFI (ÉVIK) was added to the list of scientific journals accepted by the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA).

In the “News, information” section, you can find which articles have been included in the Scopus database, which is the rank of the Journal of Food Investigation between the international scientific journals.

The publication of our scientific journal can be supported by advertisements of organizations that manufacture and distribute services, chemicals, analytical instruments and other equipment related to laboratory work with food testing.

Here we also inform our readers about which other media (e.g. National Geographic etc.) received the summary and abstract of the scientific papers published in JFI (ÉVIK).

The content of the Journal of Food Investigation founded in 1955, will be available on the website www.eviko.huin Hungarian until the end of 2013, but the summaries of the publications are also available in English, German and Russian.

From 2014, the publications of our scientific journal become bilingual, so it is published using two languages: Hungarian and English. Clicking on the HUN / ENGsign on the top of the website you will get a full content in English, included the full text of manuscripts of course.

Based on environmental and modernization considerations, our Editorial Board has decided to publish the JFI (Journal of Food Investigation) only electronically from the beginning of 2021. At the same time, we have redesigned our website to provide more practical and convenient services compared to the previous electronic system. The new website is currently (July-August 2021) working in test mode and we are constantly working to correct any errors or certain logical inconsistencies. We are currently improving the catalogue of the authors.

If you, dear Readers find such a hidden error, we would be grateful if you would let us to know sending its using the e-mail addresses juhasz.peter@wessling.hu, konecsnyi.timea@wessling.hu and szigeti.tamas@wessling.hu. Thank you in advance for your patience and contribution.

The Editorial Board of our journal is constantly waiting for manuscripts related to the topics of different disciplines. On the topics we accept, see “Receiving Manuscripts”. page. Please send the papers to the following e-mail addresses (Our editorial office will send a statement of acceptance of the accepted manuscripts based on the authors' request):

szigeti.tamas@wessling.hu; konecsny.timea@wessling.hu; szunyogh.gabor@wessling.hu


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