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Review of national standardization


  • Anna Szalay1

1 Hungarian Standards Institution

The following Hungarian standards are commercially available at MSZT (Hungarian Standards Institution, H-1082 Budapest, Horváth Mihály tér 1., phone: +36 1 456 6893, fax: +36 1 456 6841, e-mail: kiado@mszt.hu, postal address: H-1450 Budapest 9., Pf. 24) or via website: www.mszt.hu/webaruhaz.

Published national standards from Marc 2022 to May 2022

13.060 Water quality

MSZ EN ISO 20236:2022 Water quality. Determination of total organic carbon (TOC), dissolved organic carbon (DOC), total bound nitrogen (TNb) and dissolved bound nitrogen (DNb) after high temperature catalytic oxidative combustion (ISO 20236:2018) – which has withdrawn the MSZ EN 12260:2004 –

MSZ EN ISO 16266-2:2022 Water quality. Detection and enumeration of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Part 2: Most probable number method (ISO 16266-2:2018)

67 Food technology

67.040 Food products in general

MSZ ISO/TS 22002-6:2022 Prerequisite programmes on food safety. Part 6: Feed and animal food production

67.050 General methods of tests and analysis for food products

MSZ EN 15662:2018 Foods of plant origin. Multimethod for the determination of pesticide residues using GC- and LC-based analysis following acetonitrile extraction/partitioning and clean-up by dispersive SPE. Modular QuEChERS-method

67.200 Edible oils and fats. Oilseeds

MSZ EN ISO 665:2020 Oilseeds. Determination of moisture and volatile matter content (ISO 665:2020)

67.220 Spices and condiments. Food additives

MSZ EN ISO 6571:2022 Spices, condiments and herbs. Determination of volatile oil content (hydrodistillation method) (ISO 6571:2008 + Amd 1:2017) CONSOLIDATED VERSION

Withdrawn national standards from Marc 2022 to May 2022

67.100 Milk and milk products

MSZ 2713-5:1988 Chemical and physical test for butter. Determination of water dispersion value

For further information please contact Ms Anna Szalay, sector manager on food and agriculture, e-mail: a.szalay@mszt.hu

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